Rotterdamsche Studenten Almanak

Rotterdamsche Studenten Almanak

My role: Project management, design (visual identity, data visualisation, illustrations), copywriting, fundraising

RSC/RVSV is a traditional student organization based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Every December a themed yearbook is published for its 1500 active members. The book is produced by a group of seven students, all with different backgrounds. In 2013 I got the chance to be part of this project. How do we deliver a book that contains all the data and developments of RSC/RVSV’s previous year, within four months? This included fundraising activities, organising several events and contact with all involved partners such as the printing company and photographer.

The team was formed by three people doing finance, two people that focussed on writing and collecting data and two people in charge of the design of the book. Next to art-direction and design, one of my responsibilities was project management. This was a real challenge, since the different tasks were interdependent. The budget was not determined from start, as we did the fundraising activities throughout the whole project. To not hinder the production of the book, we set a minimum budget for a basic realisation. In this project I aligned the team with time schedules and reflection sessions on a regular basis.

The 800 page book has a print-run of 2000 and a final budget of 50.000 euro’s which is financed by selling advertising space to companies such as PWC, Deloitte and Heineken. The book showcases the developments and data,  all implemented in the theme ‘Monarchy’, which was a leading topic in the Dutch news in 2013.

Instead of working with page numbers, the reader is guided through the book with icons that represents the different chapters. Next to dealing with a immense amount of text and telephone numbers, we had the budget to play with special inks and colours. An example is a page with some secret stories, hidden behind wet and dry ink.

Traditionally the first page of the book showed the Queen of the Netherlands and after her abdication we wanted to do something smashing. Together with the printing company we found a way to visualise this change and for the first time they printed an image on scratch off ink.

Client: RSC/RVSV
2013, Rotterdam
Photography by Roderik van Nispen