Rebranding Stegimondo

Rebranding Stegimondo

Creating a new visual language for Stegimondo.

Stegimondo is the first online roofer. Being an ‘online’ roofer allows them to reach out to a broader audience. However, this also means that their brand should appeal to a more diverse group of people. In this project I created a proposal for a new visual language. Let me first introduce you to their current identity:

Research & Persona’s

To develop a full picture of the roofing business and its customers, I called several Dutch roofers. Together we discussed the various types of clients they serve. The following are three different persona’s, who will all consult Stegimondo’s website with other intentions.

Persona 1) Robert, real-estate agent, age: 41.
Has the long-term responsibility for forty houses in Berlin and focusses on renovating roofs. Robert is commercially driven, but highly values sustainability. Has quite some prior knowledge of roofing services and seeks a long-term partner that is able to think along about innovative solutions for projects, but also covers the maintenance afterwards.

Persona 2) Loek, age: 57.
Loek is the owner of a family house at the countryside, with a roof that is older than 25 years. He incidentally looks for a somebody to repair their roof, which has been badly damaged after a stormwhich has been badly damaged after a storm. Given the urgency, acting and communicating quickly is necessary. However, he is not able to explain what needs to be fixed.

Persona 3) Maxime, single mom, age: 32.
Maxime recently bought her first and newly built house as a single mother. She browses through many websites to compare the different offers of roofers, but has no to little understanding of both the roofing market and its services, which makes her feel insecurewhich makes her feel insecure. Needs a lot of support and explanation and makes decisions based on emotions.




I would suggest making use of more photography. Although Stegimondo is an online roofer, the real work is done offline, with real hands. The photography should project craftmanship and eye for detail, preferably with faces of the roofers, which makes it personal.The photography should project craftmanship and eye for detail, preferably with faces of the roofers, which makes it more personal.