I feel lucky to be able to use my imagination to solve problems on behalf of brands, organizations, communities and myself. My name is Lisa Sibbing, I am a creative strategist and strategic creative.

Brands Brands Brands

I have a huge passion for branding. What I enjoy most is being part of the research and strategic stage of the branding process. In these projects, I deliver strategic-driven and creative ideas that build and shape the direction of organizations. Not only do I bring brand experiences to life through personas and customer journeys, but with my background as a designer, I am able to transform strategies into identities and presentations.

Creating stories is something I’m passionate about, mostly characterized by its metaphors.
Whilst cycling I often do interviews with myself and by doing so I already wrote ten novels in my head. I flourish when I find the right palette of words to describe the unexpected journey in my head and this is a skill I often use in my creative process.

I hold an MA in Digital Management at Hyper Island (Manchester, 2016), a highly valuable experience that developed both my design thinking-, service design- and strategic skills, as well as my soft skills. Before that, I earned a BA in Graphic Design. I have been described as “a person who pushes projects forward with high energy”.

Want to get to know me better? Don’t hesitate to contact me.